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Rémy Dirrig
producer, wine maker

Petit traité synchronoptique sur "L'origine et l'histoire de la vie sur terre " .                            

Pensé et écrit par le vigneron lui-même , ce traité pédagogique incite toutes les générations
à s'interesser et à comprendre les origines et l'évolution de la vie sur terre qui font partie intégrante de notre environnement au quotidien.     
Auto-publié en imprimerie locale, imprimée sur du papier recyclé et encre végétale .                                                                                                        


                                                                                                                      Auto-publié, 15.10 E


description eau de vie

The Domaine du Bané estate is in the heart of the well known walnut area « AOP noix de Grenoble ». We do have also about hundred walnut trees (always in the ecological biodiversity philosophy) in production. There are only 3 sorts of walnut recognized with the AOP label : Franquette, Mayette and Parisienne. We do have 2/3 of Franquette and 1/3 of Parisienne and we also grow and harvest them with the same philosophy than our grapes and some years we do produce walnut oil out of our walnuts as natural as possible with a traditional millstone. The oil is bottled in 0.5l and only available at the estate.

This oil is pressed and bottled manually without mecanique manipulation. The oil can be kept for about 18 monthes cool. To be consumed fresh, not heated. It will go perfectly with all your fresh salads, vegetables, meat, fishes and mainly shellfishes. I would recommend also to try it in the plate onto your fish simply fried in the pane with a glass of our chardonnay!

Good appetite

description oenotourisme


Did you know that without a winemaker there isn't and there has never been a wine? Advertising, marketing and other concept of "natural wine" won't change a thing. Indeed the wine is a transitional phase between two natural states themselves. At the beginning the grape and its juice, and ultimately, vinegar!
This can take weeks, months or even years but the outcome will always be the same. The best bottle of the best grand cru inevitably ends in vinegar by contact to the air, good or bad because here again the vinegar producer must bring his expertise.
Therefore wine is a living material that evolves over time up to the ideal bonification point then the decline. The winemaker with its expertise develops wine by intervening in this natural evolution by extending this intermediate state that we call wine. The wines created on the estate of Bané are dry wines, meaning they contain less than 1gr sugar per liter. Also all our wine are made out of our own grappes and are not perceived as alcoholic. Generally 12-13% by volume which is perfect for me and my wine, as alcohol hides many flaws but certainly organoleptic qualities too. Of course at this point nature has its word to say and sometimes it can go up to 13-13.5%, in "solar" years. Organic, authentic and highly qualitative wines from traditional grape varieties. Aromatic wines and blends.


After alcoholic (high temperature) and the malolactic fermentation, my red wines are aged in French oak burgundy barrels size (228 l), purchased from the local cooper, which provides a barrel having the characteristics (wood, heating, grain etc ...) matching my specifications. The wine is mostly aging in second, third and 4th wine barrels. Then these barrels have a second life as ... flower pot (!) and new one comes in. Indeed Syrah is the dominant red grape variety, and does not like the new wood (neither do I ), as that grape is naturally strong and tannic. I only look for micro-oxygenation through the oak.
After aging in the barrels for 6-8 months (up to the vintage) in my wine cellar, I assemble and bottle the wine. It is then further raised in their bottles for 1-2 years before getting sold. This to soften the wine and allows you to enjoy it during the year if you cannot wait!. According vintage up to several types of wine are produced:
- A dry red wine, single varietal, exclusively from the grape variety Syrah, full-bodied, which will go along spicy dishes, spicy meat and other game meat. Or just simply try to taste it while listening to good rock'n'roll like the Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry or even Ted Nugent !
- A dry red blend wine from Syrah and others to make a wine on the fruit, to be appreciate earlier. A fruity wine along guinea fowl and méditeranean dishes. Why not drinking it aged while listening to jazz by Charlie Hayden or John Coltrane and if younger and fullbodied why not Sonny Rollins !

These wines will still be aging several more years (3-9 years depending on the vintage) in a wine cellar at constant temperature and humidity.


The white and rosé are issued from a low-temperature alcoholic fermentation and malolactic for both kinds. Indeed I leave if possible white and rosé do their natural desacidification (actually a less astringent acid on the PH scale) known as malolactic fermentation, to make them more smooth. White and rosé are aging in tanks, sometimes barrels and then bottled for the next year to be on sale. According vintage different wines are produced:
- White wine made exclusively (100%) out of white grape viognier, that can be tasted as an aperitif, but its finesse and subtility make them also matching fish , white meat and ravioles plates (local pasta speciality) too. To also taste while listening to a good guitar solo by Eric Clapton !
- White wine made exclusively (100%) out of Chardonnay, that can be tasted as an aperitif, but its finesse and subtility make them also matching oysters and fishes ! Taste it while listening to Charlie Parker or Janis Joplin. If raised in barrels, just a good book !
- A blend of fruity white wines, taste it while reading a comicbook and eating tapas or sushis !
- Rosé from Syrah or from the blend, a wine to be shared with friends, easy to drink fresh but may also go along with poultry, meats, seafood or creamy cheese. Try it just while listening to free jazz by Wayne Shorter or Archie Shepp !

These wines will be ready from the marketing year on, but may also improve further 1-3 years in bottle.


It is for you to enjoy them, to love them and make you dream !
Some wines are dedicated to family and friends, Jean, JJ, Pauline, and some others , for their support in the winemaking ! Thanks as well to our "webmaster" Jaimie.