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vigenron independant 

Rémy Dirrig
producer, wine maker


    At our vineyard from Saint Sauveur we produce and harvest our grapes to create our wines with passion ...
  • Our philosophy

    Behind a wine there is always a wine maker. I create every year wines which reflect a vintage. They will therefore be different and typical from that vintage. White, rosé or red it is up to you to judge them and hopefully to appreciate them.
  • Our wines

    Red, white or rosé wines are produced, raised, conditionned at the estate Domaine du Bané by the winemaker. Limited production as near as possible to the nature.
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    Find our news and articles in our dedicated field ...
  • Reservation

    Pick up your reservation at the estate You can book a reservation through this site and pick it up directly at the estate.
  • Art & our wine

    When the beautiful joins the good !
  • Contact & access

    To contact us, to drop in, to pick up your reservation or to discover us at the estate.
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News :

- Dear wine lovers, this year, not only covid-19   but also the weather and therefor  mildew, have joined in: first frost in February, continuous rain and cool temperature since May 1. As a result, the Domaine being a follower of homeopathic and biodynamic treatments since its creation, it will be impossible for us to protect our grapes ecologically and to have a satisfaying carbon footprint, to ensure a full 2021 vintage. But "thanks" to the coronavirus, stocks are full and the previous vintages are ready to be tasted so don't hesitate and come to the Domaine du Bané!

- Our Chardonnay 2019 in barrels won a silver medal at the international wine contest 2021 in Lyon !