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Rémy Dirrig
producer, wine maker


CORONAVIRUS Make the reservation as described below. Mention "Delivery". Upon receipt, a quote will be sent to you for the wines and shipping costs . Our packaging is particularly robust. A special price has been negotiated depending on the number of bottles ordered. As soon as you agree, your cases will be on the road within 72 hours. Beyond 60 bottles, transportation is free! Group your orders! Please complete this form by filling out all required fields. The bottles are sold by multiples of 6 (mix between wines possible). The reservation is definitive only after you receive our confirmation by email.
Reservations will be honored as long as stocks are available. You have three weeks to pick up your reservation at the Estate up on receipt of our confirmation (do not forget the pick up date and your email address).
After this period of three weeks we will cancel the reservation except special requests from you and confirmed by us. The reservation has to be paid at the estate pick up.
The price will be € 78 min. box of 6 bottles, up to 108 € max. box of 6 bottles according to your choice.
Older vintages are available at the Domaine but only on demand.
Check that the total number of bottles ordered is a multiple of 6 (except for the walnut oil), essential for storage of your order.
We thank you for your interest in our work and wines

We remind you that it is illegal to order wine under 18 years of age.
The informations sent to and from the domaine du Bané are meant to answer your question/request. On our side they are handled by our person in charge of customer and kept a maximum of 2 years. According and in compliance with the law “informatique et liberté” you have the right to ask for access to your personal data to be corrected by us if needed by contacting: Rémy Dirrig - Domaine du Bané - 38160 Saint-sauveur
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SYRAH 2015DEF page 001

Syrah 100% (red )

cuvée maxime 75cl DEF  
  Blend cuvée Maxime (red) 
           Hachette 2019



Pilgrim18               Rosé Remy

    Pilgrim 100% syrah (red)                                             Rosé



chardonnay               Viognier remy

      Chardonnay (white)                                         Viognier (white)